The first 3 minutes of the episode is a broadcast from Sky Sports that was originally aired in 2008. Manchester United legends recite The Flowers of Manchester, paying tribute to the victims of 1958 Munich air disaster, it would be the 60 year anniversary of the tragic day. Thought it would be fitting to play it before the episode began. #AlwaysRemember

On this episode we round up the full weeks of Premier League action including the South-Coast team picking up 3 valuable points, Chelsea’s embarrassing defeat to Watford and Liverpool being robbed by the Referee’s Assistant.

At the end of the episode we adopt a team! Sorry to Forest Green Rovers as we have chosen you at that team! In future episodes we will be getting to know the club and the players and also review their matches in EFL League 2.


It was reported the EPL Officials are in talks with the FA over a proposed Winter Break inline with the next TV deal. This deal does not include Football League clubs as it would not fit in to their already congested fixture schedule. On the show we kicked it off with this headline. Dan did not agree with this at all. He believes the players and clubs should just get on with it. At the end of the day they are Professional Athletes and it is down to the clubs to manager each players conditions. What do you think? Winter break or not? comment at the end of this page.
Leeds United have now appeared in the show for the second week in a row. Last week was for the horrendous attempt at unity with the new club crest and now this week they have sacked their manager Thomas Christiansen. Thomas became their 7th manager in 4 years to get sacked and since recording this episode Leeds have appointed Paul Heckingbottom as their new head coach on a reported 18 month deal. We will hear from our resident Leeds fan on next weeks show for his opinion.
Conte’s position as Chelsea manager has become again under scrutiny after an embarrassing performance against fellow London team Watford on Monday night. He has been constantly probed by the media over his position which at the moment remains in tact. He recently turned down the opportunity to re-join the Italian national side and is fully committed to Chelsea.

We had a quetion on his postion from @TheRealNick86 on Twiter:

My reply, No need to change him. I believe it was down to the players not him. Hear the rest of my response on the show.

The the start of the Episode I played the Flowers of Manchester Poem. The audio was taken from a Sky Sports video originally broadcast in 2008. This was to mark the 60th Anniversary of the Munich Air Disaster. On 6 February 1958, Flight 609 crashed on its third attempt to take off from a slush-covered runway at Munich-Riem Airport, West Germany.

On the plane were, fans, journalists and the Manchester United team. The Busby Babes were returning home after reaching the Semi-Final of the European Cup. 20 of the 44 that were on the Plane died at the scene and 3 more died later at hospital. Gone but never forgotten.

An emotional day at the Hawthons, saw West Brom and Southampton pay tribute to Cyrille Regis who recently passed away at the age of just 59. Former Colleagues and other ex pro’s joined in the tributes as they salute a pioneer of the game. Below is a link with a great write up on the great man:


Pub Player of the Week

This weeks we have given it to Gerard Deulofeu. The Barcelona lonee performed fantastically on his home debut against Chelsea on Monday night.

Pub Gaffer of the Week

Again after Watfords fantastic display against Chelsea we had to give Pub Gaffer of the Week to Javier Gracia. The new manager affect continues.


We will come up with a better name for this section of the show but at the moment we are going for Adopt a Club Series. Original right?

As myself and Dan do not support the same clubs in the EPL, so have decided to follow a lower league side and we will dedicate a section of the show each week to that club. In the series we will get to know the Club, the players and the division they play in.

Choosing the right Club.

We didn’t want to pick a side that were local to us, as in various different ways we have ties with each team in Kent (Our county). It had to be a team that stood out and really stood for something.

We selected Forest Green Rovers of EFL League 2. Why might you say? Forest Green stood out for us for their ambition and what they are trying to achieve within the footballing world. FIFA recently said they are currently the Greenest football club in the world. This is quite an achievement in itself. Forest Green Rovers are trying to bring together Football and Environmental consciousness at the highest levels of the game. They are currently the only football club in the world to hold a EMAS accreditation – the gold standard of environmental management. On top of all this they also do not serve any meat products at the stadium and training pitches. They are also the first Vegan football club.

Its a club with quite the ambition and are very unique so what a great club to start to get to know. I will make a page on here dedicated to Forest Green Rovers and will post more about them later on in the week.

Let us know what you think of us adopting a club in the comments below. If it doesn’t work out we have learnt something about a great club with great values and a different league, so win win.

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