In episode 22, myself and Dan discussed what we would like to see in the Premier League. I suggested we scrap the Charity Shield in its current format.

Currently, the Charity Shield is traditionally played between the Premier League Champions and the FA Cup Winners. This game kicks off the new season in England. Over the years its been the same teams play it out, usually goes to pens. 

It’s got boring. I believe the Charity Shield should be a Relegation Play-Off Final to stay in the Premier League.

At the end the 38 game season, the team in 20th (Bottom) gets automatically relegated. Teams in 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th go into a knock competition. The two semi-finals are played abroad. One in China, the other in the USA. Then the winners contest for the Charity Shield at Wembley Stadium.

This final would be a battle. Both teams would be fighting tooth and nail to win it. It would be the biggest of the year. One team goes down to the Championship (the division below) the other gets to remain in the Premier League for another season. Heart break for one set of fans and adulation for the other but for the neutral pure entertainment.

What do you think? I think this would end the season in spectacular fashion. Leave your comments and suggestions below.