On this episode we discuss Watford sacking Silva and name Gracia as new head coach 9 hours later! We also discuss Sanchez moving to Man United and a legend retiring all that and we round up all the latest EPL results starting with Chelsea vs Brighton.

Running Order:

  1. Brighton 0 – 4 Chelsea
  2. Arsenal 4 – 1 Crystal Palace
  3. Man City 3 – 1 Newcastle
  4. Leicester 2 – 0 Watford
  5. Stoke 2 – 0 Huddersfield
  6. Everton 1 – 1 West Brom
  7. Burnley 0 – 1 Man United
  8. West Brom 1 – 1  Bournemouth
  9. Southampton 1 – 1 Tottenham
  10. *Swansea vs Liverpool – This game had not kicked off at the time of recording. Dan said he would be surprised if Liverpool does not score 4 or more goals in this game and bet me beers they would…Liverpool ended up losing 1-0 so looks like beers are coming my way 🙂


Our Pub Player of the Week

Eden Hazard for his mesmerizing display against Brighton. Scoring a brace in the process.

Our Pub Gaffer of the Week

We picked Paul Lambert for taking charge of his first Stoke game and giving them a royal kick up the arse! As well as picking up the win they also kept a clean sheet.


On 16 January 2018, Ronaldinho confirmed his retirement from Football.

A true Legend of the beautiful game. He played football in a childlike way, always for the love of the game and always with a smile on his face. Below is a link to an open letter Ronaldinho wrote to his 8 year-old self. Its a fantastic letter explaining how life will be for the 8 year-old Ronaldinho.

Letter to My Younger Self

This is a quote that stuck out for me:

You’re not going to feel sadness right away. That will come later. A few years from now, you will accept that Dad is never coming back on earth. But what I want you to understand is that every time you have a ball at your feet, Dad will be with you.

When you have a football at your feet, you are free. You are happy. It’s almost like you are hearing music. That feeling will make you want to spread joy to others.”

It;s a great insight into the mind of Ronaldinho. It was this Brazilian that gave the nudge for Messi to come through the ranks at Barca. He gave him only this advise:, “Play with happiness. Play free. Just play with the ball.” The rest is history.

A true legend of the game. A person that truly embodied everything his Dad told him before he past away, Play free.

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